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Understanding Florida Real Estate Contracts: As Is vs Far Bar

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In Florida real estate transactions, two terms often pop up in contract discussions: "As Is" and "Far Bar." While these terms might sound straightforward, they carry significant implications for both buyers and sellers. Understanding the nuances of each can help navigate the complexities of real estate transactions in the Sunshine State.

What is an "As Is" Contract?

An "As Is" contract essentially means that the property is being sold in its current condition, with no warranties or guarantees provided by the seller regarding its condition. In essence, the buyer accepts the property with all its faults and defects, known or unknown.

Pros and Cons of "As Is" Contracts:


  1. Seller Protection: "As Is" contracts minimize their liability regarding the property's condition after the sale.
  2. Simplified Negotiations: With fewer contingencies related to repairs or inspections, negotiations tend to be simpler and quicker.
  3. Potentially Faster Sale: Buyers who are willing to accept a property as is may close more quickly, streamlining the sales process.


  1. Increased Risk for Buyers: Buyers assume the risk of any undisclosed issues with the property, potentially leading to unexpected expenses post-purchase.
  2. Limited Recourse: Once the sale is finalized, buyers have limited recourse for any problems that arise, as they have waived their rights to recourse based on the property's condition.

What is a Far Bar Contract?

The Florida Realtors/Florida Bar ("Far Bar") contract is a widely used standard form contract in Florida real estate transactions. It includes provisions for various contingencies, such as inspections, financing, and appraisal, allowing buyers to negotiate repairs or credits based on inspection findings. Unlike an "As Is" contract, the Far Bar contract provides more opportunities for buyers to request repairs or negotiate price adjustments based on the property's condition. Far Bar contracts help mitigate the risk of buyers withdrawing from the deal based on inspection findings by establishing clear guidelines and consequences. By providing a structured process for negotiation and resolution of inspection-related issues, Far Bar contracts foster transparency and accountability between buyers and sellers, ultimately leading to smoother and more reliable real estate transactions. For buyers, the earnest money deposit serves as a tangible demonstration of their seriousness and commitment to the purchase, while for sellers, it provides a measure of security against potential last-minute withdrawals. Therefore, Far Bar contracts play a crucial role in fostering trust and stability in Florida's real estate market, benefiting both buyers and sellers alike.

Pros and Cons of Far Bar Contracts:


  1. Buyer Protection: Far Bar contracts offer buyers more protection by allowing them to negotiate repairs or credits based on inspection findings.
  2. Flexibility: Both parties have more flexibility to negotiate terms, including repairs, credits, or price adjustments.
  3. Clearer Expectations: With detailed provisions regarding inspections and contingencies, both parties have a clearer understanding of their obligations and rights.


  1. Potential for Lengthy Negotiations: Negotiating repairs or credits based on inspection findings can prolong the closing process, leading to potential delays.
  2. Seller's Discretion: While buyers can request repairs or credits, sellers have the discretion to accept, reject, or counter these requests, potentially leading to disagreements or stalled negotiations.


Whether opting for an "As Is" contract or a Far Bar contract, both buyers and sellers in Florida real estate transactions should carefully consider their options and consult with experienced real estate professionals. While "As Is" contracts offer simplicity and expedited transactions, Far Bar contracts provide more protection and negotiation opportunities. Understanding the nuances of each contract type is crucial for making informed decisions and ensuring a smooth and successful real estate transaction in the Sunshine State.

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